logo design for the annual Bärenzwinger Weihnachtsmannsackhüpfstaffelmarathon

logo design

The Weihnachtsmannsackhüpfstaffelmarathon is an annual event held on the first weekend of december since 1988 and is organized by the students club Bärenzwinger in Dresden, Germany. It is a relay sack race where teams of 10 jumpers dressed like Santa Claus jump 1 km through the city centre of Dresden aiming not to damage or lose the baton. The baton is every year a special designed object, mostly very fragile. And it has to do with drinking beer, a lot :-).

For 9 years I organized the event in parts and created logos for the team t-shirts.

Please note:

"Bärenzwinger" is a registered wordmark of Studentenclub Bärenzwinger e.V. in Germany.